Tattoo aftercare instructions

  • Wait 1-2 hours 

  • Remove Bandage.  Do not re-bandage your tattoo at any time.

  • Wash hands first,  then wash entire tattoo and surrounding area thoroughly with warm water and fragrance free antibacterial liquid soap.  Use your fingertips,  and make sure you clean away any dried blood,  or fluid that may have accumulated.  Rinse thoroughly. 

  • After washing, allow the tattoo to breathe for at least 24 hours.  it is important to keep anything from touching your tattoo as much as possible.   Direct contact with clothing,  furniture,  other people, pets, etc... can lead to contamination and infection in your tattoo.   Remember,  bacteria is everywhere, and  a tattoo is an open wound,  so please treat it with care.

  •  Starting approximately 24 hours after washing your tattoo you will need to  apply a very thin layer of a simple,  fragrance free lotion to the tattoo.   Repeat this process 3-6 times a day.  Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before each lotion application.  It is important not to over moisturize your tattoo by applying too much lotion.  There should be no excess lotion on your skin after application.  

  • Your tattoo will then form a scab over the course of the next few days.  Scab tissue can take another 1-2 weeks to flake off.  It is important not to agitate the scab in any way to cause it to fall off prematurely.  In other words,  don't pick at it.  be gentile when applying lotion,  and refrain from physical activity or exercise that could cause impact or friction.  

  •  Avoid submersion in water while your tattoo is healing.  Water can cause the scab tissue to break down if the tattoo becomes overly saturated.  This can lead to your tattoo having a rough heal,  and color loss.  Swimming pools,  bath tubs, hot tubs, lakes, and the ocean should all be avoided for at least a month after getting a tattoo.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT SHOWER.  Please shower as you regularly do,  just  avoid fragrance heavy body wash.  The tattoo can get wet in the shower,  but you SHOULD NOT SCRUB AT IT.   Gently blot the tattoo dry after the shower and let it air dry for a bit before getting dressed.  

  • Avoid exposure with sunlight and extreme heat for at least a month after getting your tattoo.  This includes tanning beds.  Exposure to sunlight while your tattoo is healing will cause swelling, irritation and can dry out your tattoo.  After your tattoo is fully healed using the strongest sunblock you can find is recommended to help keep it looking fresh and bright.  Prolonged exposure to the sun and tanning beds will cause your tattoo to fade and break down.  Take care of your investment and take care of your skin.

  • Every person's skin is different,  and every tattoo is different.  It can be a little tricky to take care of a tattoo while it heals sometimes.  Please use common sense while caring for your tattoo,  but IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS AT ALL,  PLEASE CALL,  EMAIL,  OR STOP BY THE SHOP.   Don't be shy.  Thanks for reading.